Inevitable changes in a Facebook world

After a slight social media blog hiatus I am BACK and boy has there been a commotion since I’ve been away with Facebook hogging most of the limelight.

We’ve been hearing about page updates, changes and adds whilst the ever evolving  Facebook Vs Google+ debate gains further momentum. New measurements for Facebook Insights, Facebook Timelines, Subscribe Buttons, News Ticker, Smart Lists, News Feed and Improved Friends lists are just some of the buzz words rocking the boat.

There have been a mixture of reactions from the general public through posts and  tweets, a blend of anger, frustration, surprise and a teensy weensy speck of rejoicing.  Some groups have even chosen to display their emotions through self created dedication pages of complaint, with titles such as: “I HATE WHEN F A C E B O O K MAKES CHANGES TO OUR HOMEPAGE!!!!!!” or “Faceboòk is like a female.A mission to figure out & when you do, it changes” .

(For your amusement – and mine – I have added a screen shot of some of the titles for a bit of a laugh!)

As Bertolt Brecht once stated “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are”.  This is particularly true of Facebook.

For some reason when it comes to new technology people are especially queasy about learning new things. And being old is no longer an excuse. Pretty much every generation is represented and affected by social media platforms and because the platform in question  caters to the general public and businesses there will always be the desire to improve and develop it, and with that, the need to learn it and use it.

Therefore, the question is not What new changes do I need to learn now?  the more important question is Where does this leave my current online social strategy?


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